The asian grocery store in your town hides a lot of goodies that you should try out! Here is a list of great items that you definitely should pick up. 10
While living in Japan I missed American supermarkets more than, well, anything. I missed the variety of items to choose from, the cheap prices, my childhood comfort foods. I would even have dreams of going grocery shopping in America. Dreams! Well, now that I have returned to the States I have […]

The Best Asian Supermarket Foods

English Teacher Japan Pay Chart 12
It’s no secret that Japan is a very expensive country to live in, though that cost of living does vary quite a bit based on where you live. Any metro area (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) is going to be more expensive than a more rural location. Tokyo being the most expensive […]

Making Money Teaching in Japan – How Much?

Taylor's Tracks 1
Here is the second installment of my interview series! I know I said I would make this be a weekly thing. But, uh, life got in the way so I’ve decided this will go on an every-other-week sorta system. This week we have an interview by Taylor of Taylor’s Tracks. […]

Tongue-Tied in Thailand: Language or Race, Which is the Bigger ...

Milani Pretty Natural Lipstick 13
In the last year and a half I’ve really gotten to love lipstick. I never was one for making my lips be a color that wasn’t natural. I just stuck to lip balm and sometime a lightly colored lip gloss. It wasn’t until my friend drunkenly put a deep red […]

5 Must Have Lipsticks!

Sometimes you like to watch a bunch of shows on Netflix. I like to read a bunch of the same series of books at once. Here are some completed book series totally worth binging on. 24
Hey there, Kaley. It’s been a while since you’ve given us a book post. Thanks for thinking of us again and our book needs. Anyway, I really enjoy book series. I like the depth that you get to go into with the characters and the world and the story. I […]

10 Book Series Worth Binging

Japan is a country full of awesome things to do year round, but this spring even is by far the best thing you can do in the country!! 7
It has started. Hanami season. My Facebook feed is currently being flooded by my friends over in Japan looking at flowers, and I will continue to be reminded of this event for the next month. It’s honestly my favorite time of year in Japan and, hands down, the best thing […]

Hanami – The Best Thing to do in Japan, Ever

Sometimes staying in hostels when you travel is amazing. Sometimes it's really not. Here's a story of a hostel I stayed at in Hanoi. Vietnam. 22
Unsure if I want to the put the hostel on blast for this one. I realize that some of my issues were, uh, my own fault. But the biggest of them definitely were not. But, at the same time, when you’re visiting a country that isn’t 100% developed what can you […]

A Really Horrible Hostel Experience

An interview with a German who has spent a long time in American and China, and the differences between being a foreigner in both countries! 4
I have something new and exciting for all you guys! I’ve been working on this series for a LONG TIME now. Like, months long almost. Okay a month and a half. My post about how being a white girl in Japan helped open my eyes to the white privilege I […]

When Standing Out is the New Normal (Cultural Lessons from ...

Sometime flying can be really good... and sometimes really bad. Here are my best airplane travel stories! 14
Since I lived overseas I have spent quite a bit of time on airplanes. And since I am a magnet for unusual things, those plane journeys usually end up with stories attached to them. I thought I would spent a bit of time writing out some of those stories for […]

My Best and Worst Airplane Stories

Temple of Literature Hanoi Vietnam 11
Exactly a year ago I was in Vietnam and Cambodia on an awesome two week adventure. I did so much in that short period of time that sometimes it is hard to really focus on the individual places that I visited. I’ve talked previously about the food tour I took […]

Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam

It's hard to learn what you're capable of unless you take the time to push yourself out of your comfort zone! Check out why I think everyone should spend some time not being settled down! 18
I have never considered myself one for commitment problems. I’ve had long-term relationships, friendships that have spanned the majority of my life, and long-standing ideals that I clutch onto with a fervor that is equivalent to that of an Evangelical preacher. But… there is something a bit different about the […]

Why Everyone Needs to be Un-Settled

Japan is a fantastic place to go out and drink in, here's a nice little guide to help you know a bit more about their beer culture in case you find yourself looking to order some! 21
Hey, it’s been like… a over a month since I last wrote about Japan. That means it is time for me to get back to my money-maker, right? Y’all are totally itching to hear me share my expertise on this country I spent four years of my life in, right? […]

A Guide to Japanese Beer

Cambodia Khmer Curry 8
If there is one thing Cambodia isn’t known for, it is it’s food. The food in Cambodia when I visited there last year was really, really hit or miss. It has a lot of variety as far as what is available, but I found the flavors to be either fantastically […]

Cambodia Food Guide

I'm pretty sure everyone is affected by anxiety at some point. Mine just is a bit strange and makes me a bit strange. Find out if your weird matches my weird. 22
In case you don’t know me at all, I’m a pretty weird person. A lot of that weirdness stems from a surprising place, my anxiety. Okay, maybe it’s not that surprising that anxiety would make me a bit strange. I try my hardest to deal with it, but sometimes it […]

5 Ways My Anxiety Makes Me a Weirdo

Rocksbox Jewelry Box 16
It has been one month since I started receiving Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription box that allows you to rent or own the pieces that they have available. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the brand and what it does, you can read my first impression post by […]

One Month Using Rocksbox – Review and Opinions

If you've been looking for a great book to read, I have the perfect list for you! Here are some great reads to fit any mood or reading preferences! 9
I wanted to make a list of all of my favorite books, but as I thought about the books that I love I realized that it was a very personal thing, and that my favorite list changes based on a number of things. Some of the books I really don’t […]

15 Books You Need to Read RIGHT NOW

I didn't always want to be a world traveler. But... maybe deep down I did. Read to find out more! 27
While I may pepper my blog with lists of the 5 this or 10 that of random stuff that you maybe will find interesting, I also like to spend time making some actual deep content that will hopefully inspire others, in another way, to explore the world around them.   […]

How I Came to Travel the World

Japanese Apartment Building 20
I’m writing this as I sit in the bed in my parents’ house that I have spent nearly every night in for the last few months. It’s the bedroom I grew up in, though it doesn’t quite look like it anymore. The Beanie Babies are all gone, the ceiling fan […]

Musings on Moving… again

Making Sugar Scrub with Olive Oil 22
I was lucky enough to get chosen to receive a complimentary bottle of Filippo Berio olive oil by Influenster this month, and I have to say I was very excited. For starters, I love olive oil. It’s my favorite of all oils and I think it has so many great […]

5 Uses for Olive Oil (that don’t involve food!)

Shishamo 18
I recently made a post about the best Japanese foods, which you can find if you click here. I thought it would probably be MORE interesting to do a post about the worst, weirdest, and/or most disappointing Japanese foods. So now you’ve got this list of 5 weird Japanese foods. […]

5 Commonly Eaten Weird Japanese Foods

Here are 26 things that I did in my 26th year of life. I travels to five countries, moved across the world, knocked some items off of my bucket list, and made a lot of huge life decisions. Here's to 27! 9
Today is my birthday. I have turned 27 and have officially begun to enter my “late 20s”. It’s the last year before I will have been out of high school for a decade. And, honestly, turning 27 is probably the first year I really feel “old”, maybe it is because […]

26 Things I Did While I Was 26