Recent events in America have lead to me ask for my fellow white americas to stand together against the awful acts done against black men by police officers. Please take a moment to read, thank you! 18
  I am angry.   While in Japan I felt strangely detached from all of the atrocities and shootings and killings and mass murders that happened month after month in my homeland. While I was learning what my white privilege has given me all these years  I was still sheltered […]

A Plea to White People (From a White Person)

Okay, I know I'm a weirdo. Travel makes you weird. Peeing in Japan is very different than you'd expect, and here is why I miss it. 15
Hello, I’m Kaley, and I’m a weirdo. It should be no surprise to anyone that where you live influences the way you view the world, the preferences you have, and adjustments you make to every day activities. My time growing up in Florida has made me immune to theme park […]

I Miss Peeing in Japan

Charlotte offers a variety of different breweries, here are a few reviews of the ones found in the district of South End! 20
In case you somehow missed it, I moved to Charlotte a few months back. So far I have loved the city and all the things it offers. It has all the charm of a Southern town, slightly liberal leanings, and a population of young-adults that are moving in to the […]

Charlotte, NC Breweries: South End

Pulse Nightclub 5
  I started off writing a post expressing my feelings towards the mass shooting in Orlando this weekend, but halfway through writing it I realized that my feelings don’t matter. Not really. It doesn’t matter that I grew up down the road from Pulse nightclub, that my high school is […]

The Shooting in Orlando – Hometown Tragedy

Many people forgo getting a nicer camera because, well, our smart phones have some pretty nice ones. Here is why I bought a Nikon DSLR! 17
Hello again, lovely blog readers! I write this to you on the tale end of my third sickness in a month. I still believe this is part of the strep throat I caught, since the steroids I was on for the allergic reaction made me susceptible to colds-my-friends-who-I-shared-a-bed-with-had. If I […]

Why I Bought My Nikon DSLR Camera (and not a ...

Maintaining a successful blog online requires a lot more than just posting from time to time. Here is why I stopped posting for weeks, and what I learned by doing so. 22
It’s been a while, dear readers. I’m sorry that I have dropped off the face of the planet as of late. I’ve not posted to my Instagram, written a new post here, or done much on Snapchat since the first week of the month. There’s a number of reasons for […]

Why I Didn’t Update My Blog for Weeks

The asian grocery store in your town hides a lot of goodies that you should try out! Here is a list of great items that you definitely should pick up. 10
While living in Japan I missed American supermarkets more than, well, anything. I missed the variety of items to choose from, the cheap prices, my childhood comfort foods. I would even have dreams of going grocery shopping in America. Dreams! Well, now that I have returned to the States I have […]

The Best Asian Supermarket Foods

English Teacher Japan Pay Chart 14
It’s no secret that Japan is a very expensive country to live in, though that cost of living does vary quite a bit based on where you live. Any metro area (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) is going to be more expensive than a more rural location. Tokyo being the most expensive […]

Making Money Teaching in Japan – How Much?

Taylor's Tracks 1
Here is the second installment of my interview series! I know I said I would make this be a weekly thing. But, uh, life got in the way so I’ve decided this will go on an every-other-week sorta system. This week we have an interview by Taylor of Taylor’s Tracks. […]

Tongue-Tied in Thailand: Language or Race, Which is the Bigger ...

Milani Pretty Natural Lipstick 13
In the last year and a half I’ve really gotten to love lipstick. I never was one for making my lips be a color that wasn’t natural. I just stuck to lip balm and sometime a lightly colored lip gloss. It wasn’t until my friend drunkenly put a deep red […]

5 Must Have Lipsticks!

Sometimes you like to watch a bunch of shows on Netflix. I like to read a bunch of the same series of books at once. Here are some completed book series totally worth binging on. 24
Hey there, Kaley. It’s been a while since you’ve given us a book post. Thanks for thinking of us again and our book needs. Anyway, I really enjoy book series. I like the depth that you get to go into with the characters and the world and the story. I […]

10 Book Series Worth Binging

Japan is a country full of awesome things to do year round, but this spring even is by far the best thing you can do in the country!! 7
It has started. Hanami season. My Facebook feed is currently being flooded by my friends over in Japan looking at flowers, and I will continue to be reminded of this event for the next month. It’s honestly my favorite time of year in Japan and, hands down, the best thing […]

Hanami – The Best Thing to do in Japan, Ever

Sometimes staying in hostels when you travel is amazing. Sometimes it's really not. Here's a story of a hostel I stayed at in Hanoi. Vietnam. 22
Unsure if I want to the put the hostel on blast for this one. I realize that some of my issues were, uh, my own fault. But the biggest of them definitely were not. But, at the same time, when you’re visiting a country that isn’t 100% developed what can you […]

A Really Horrible Hostel Experience

An interview with a German who has spent a long time in American and China, and the differences between being a foreigner in both countries! 4
I have something new and exciting for all you guys! I’ve been working on this series for a LONG TIME now. Like, months long almost. Okay a month and a half. My post about how being a white girl in Japan helped open my eyes to the white privilege I […]

When Standing Out is the New Normal (Cultural Lessons from ...

Sometime flying can be really good... and sometimes really bad. Here are my best airplane travel stories! 14
Since I lived overseas I have spent quite a bit of time on airplanes. And since I am a magnet for unusual things, those plane journeys usually end up with stories attached to them. I thought I would spent a bit of time writing out some of those stories for […]

My Best and Worst Airplane Stories

Temple of Literature Hanoi Vietnam 11
Exactly a year ago I was in Vietnam and Cambodia on an awesome two week adventure. I did so much in that short period of time that sometimes it is hard to really focus on the individual places that I visited. I’ve talked previously about the food tour I took […]

Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam

It's hard to learn what you're capable of unless you take the time to push yourself out of your comfort zone! Check out why I think everyone should spend some time not being settled down! 18
I have never considered myself one for commitment problems. I’ve had long-term relationships, friendships that have spanned the majority of my life, and long-standing ideals that I clutch onto with a fervor that is equivalent to that of an Evangelical preacher. But… there is something a bit different about the […]

Why Everyone Needs to be Un-Settled

Japan is a fantastic place to go out and drink in, here's a nice little guide to help you know a bit more about their beer culture in case you find yourself looking to order some! 21
Hey, it’s been like… a over a month since I last wrote about Japan. That means it is time for me to get back to my money-maker, right? Y’all are totally itching to hear me share my expertise on this country I spent four years of my life in, right? […]

A Guide to Japanese Beer

Cambodia Khmer Curry 8
If there is one thing Cambodia isn’t known for, it is it’s food. The food in Cambodia when I visited there last year was really, really hit or miss. It has a lot of variety as far as what is available, but I found the flavors to be either fantastically […]

Cambodia Food Guide

I'm pretty sure everyone is affected by anxiety at some point. Mine just is a bit strange and makes me a bit strange. Find out if your weird matches my weird. 22
In case you don’t know me at all, I’m a pretty weird person. A lot of that weirdness stems from a surprising place, my anxiety. Okay, maybe it’s not that surprising that anxiety would make me a bit strange. I try my hardest to deal with it, but sometimes it […]

5 Ways My Anxiety Makes Me a Weirdo

Rocksbox Jewelry Box 16
It has been one month since I started receiving Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription box that allows you to rent or own the pieces that they have available. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the brand and what it does, you can read my first impression post by […]

One Month Using Rocksbox – Review and Opinions