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Pin Walking Tour GiveawayA couple weeks ago I was approached by GPSmycity to join forces and do a lovely giveaway for all you readers. It’s super simple and easy to enter! You can find further details at the end of this post! I will be giving a detailed overview of the walking tour that I took in Orlando using one of their apps before talking about the giveaway itself, so feel free to read along with my trip downtown!


My favorite way to travel around a new city is by walking. I feel like you can really get a feel of the place you’re visiting that way. The ease of wandering about aimlessly in Japan is probably the number 1 thing I miss about the country, and the biggest downfall of living in America. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Downtown areas are usually pretty compact and you can generally spend a good few hours walking around the streets.


Walking around is, however, very time consuming. And if you’ve got limited time in a city trying to figure out the best way and fastest way to see all that you want to is also time consuming. I’ve down it multiple times when I have traveled, spending hours before I even leave sitting in front of my computer mapping out all of the things I want to see. Then deciding which sights are closest to each other and should be visited on the same outing. It’s a lot of work. While I enjoy doing it, sometimes that’s just not possible. That’s where the apps by GPSmycity come into play.



You can download city specific apps and then use their pre-made walking tours to guide you around a new city! It’s really, really handy and I am definitely going to use them on future travels! They have free versions of the cities, which just have curated lists of sights to visit. Then, there’s the awesome paid version that has all of the sights mapped out for you! You can create your own walks, or use the pre-made sightseeing or discovery walks. Orlando has a few good walks in it, but I downloaded the free version of Rome and… there’s so many! If you’re planning to go to Europe, New York City, or Asia these guys are perfect! They have so many cities to choose from all over the world. You can see a full list of cities on their website by clicking here. After using this for my hometown, I definitely want to use it more when I get myself over to Europe in the near future!


GPSmycity Orlando Walking Tour ListGPSmycity Sight Info PageGPSmycity Stamp Info

Two other great features in the apps are the info they provide on each sight, giving you details about hours they are open, and the history of each place. Then there are the stamps. When you’re within a certain radius of a sight, you can stamp that you’ve been there. I love doing stuff like this and it was a really fun and interactive way to see the city I grew up in. I was given a paid version of Orlando to try out, and I had such a lovely (and really hot) afternoon walking around my hometown. I also learned loads about the buildings I had seen so many times.

Lake Eola Orlando


I’ll admit, due to parking I didn’t start the walking tour at the starting location. But if you’re taking the new SunRail in Orlando you can easily start at the first spot by getting off at the LYNX Bus station stop! The dreaded car parking situation made me start in the middle of the tour, but even doing that didn’t take away from the usefulness! The first place I visited was Lake Eola. I’ve walked around here taking pictures before and it is one on of my favorite places to go in Orlando and just hang out.

Cathedral of St. Luke in Orlando

Next I visited the Cathedral of St. Luke. I’ve actually never even seen this before, so I was surprised to see such a lovely church in Orlando! There is also a bookstore and library that is open to the public various days of the week. You can find details about all of this in app, so it makes trip planning super easy! I didn’t go inside but I loved walking around taking pictures of the building.

Downtown Orlando US Post Office

The next spot on the tour was this US Post Office, which is probably the most interesting post office I’ve ever seen. It’s in this compound that used to be a church. This entire block is just full of some really cool buildings to look at.

Bank of America Building Orlando

When turning from the post office you can get a great shot of the next stop on the list, the Bank of America building. Easily one of the most iconic Orlando buildings, it’s a really unique building that just reminds me of my hometown. Always good to look around at things outside of what you’re actually visiting for some great shots!

Orlando Lynx Station

This is probably one of the more pretty looking bus stations in the world. The downtown Orlando Lynx hub is a very interesting building, and located right next to the SunRail station that you can see off to the right there.

Bob Carr Performance Center

This is the actual stating point of the tour, the Bob Carr Theater. It was nice to walk here because growing up I performed here a number of times with my dance classes. I’ve also seen a number of Broadway plays here, including Lion King, the Nutcracker, and Beauty and the Beast. The new Dr. Philips center is taking a lot of those shows now, though!

Downtown Orlando

The next leg of my journey involved a lot of walking and took my past the area of downtown that I spent loads of time at as a teenager in high school. It was a nice reminder of all the shows I had been to down here!

Orlando Suntrust Building

The most iconic Orlando building, to me, is the Suntrust building! It’s also the hardest to photograph. This building is the first one my eye catches on the skyline.

Orlando City Hall

There are three things to see here according to the GPSmycity app. The city hall area has one of the most iconic sculptures in Orlando off to the left. It’s an asparagus. I actually have no idea if that’s what it really is, that’s just what we’ve always called it.

Gallery at Avalon Island Orlando

This is another new one to me! The Gallery at Avalon Island is the oldest commercial building downtown and is really awesome to look at. It displays art and was sadly closed the Wednesday I was walking around.

St. George Orthodox Church Orlando

The last place I got a picture of was St. George Orthodox Church. This is located across the street from Lake Eola and is where I ended my self-guided walking tour! I was very hot and sweaty at this point, welcome to winter in Florida! The app said that it should take around 3 hours to complete this tour, and I think that is a good estimate. I quickly visited each place and it took me over two hours to complete it. If you’re taking your time to enjoy the sites you can easily spend more than the 3 hours it says!


On to the fun part!

GPSmycity Giveaway!

As I mentioned before there are free and paid versions of the apps, and I have TWENTY codes to give away for the paid versions of various cities! They are usually $5 a pop (which for up to a dozen plus tours isn’t a bad price at all!) and you’re going to get one (or more 😉 ) for free!


If you’ve got a trip coming up, or just want to see your current city in a new light, this is the perfect opportunity to save some time on figuring out what to see and how to see them. You can view the full list of cities here: clicky-clicky. And this is only for the iOS versions of these cities.


The promo codes are good for an entire city! You just go to the “Featured” page of the app store on your iPhone, enter in the code I’ll send you and it’ll pop up with the app for that city! Easy-peasy. You’ll have access to this app and it’s walking tours forever, so even if you have no immediate plans to visit the city, it’ll be great to have on hand for when you eventually get to your dream city!

How to Enter:

Leave a comment on this post with a city you want to visit from this list and why, and I’ll pick the winners and give them codes to the city they want! I’ve got twenty codes to giveaway, so you’ve got a huge chance of winning one! The contest will run for two weeks, so until January 11th! I’ll announce the winners on January 13th or 14th, depending on your time zone. I’ll be contacting each winner by email or social media, so be sure to leave a way for me to get in touch with you then!


The code are only valid for 28 days after they have been made, so be sure to activate them before the time is up! Once you activate the app you can use it forever, though!

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