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This year I got to knock two things off of my bucket list; Angkor Wat and Ha Long Bay. I’m not sure exactly when I heard about Angkor at or how it made it on my bucket list. I am sure I saw it in some randomly documentary when I was younger and just fell in love with the mystery of it. Ha Long Bay was something I had seen in pictures on Reddit, the limestone islands calling out to be and quickly making it to my bucket list.

Since then I have really given thought to some experiences I want on my bucket list. Not to much cities or places, but things I wish to do while traveling. Because, really, when it comes to traveling getting to the place is a very small part of the journey.

I’d like to share some of these bucket list items with you, and I hope you find some bucket list inspiration for yourself!


These are in no particular order because they’re equally as awesome.


African Safari

Photo by passportandplates.com

Photo Credit: Sally Elbassir @ http://passportandplates.com/

This first one is a bit obvious, of course, but going to Africa and experiencing all of the wildlife is something I have to do before I die. It’s where all of our stories started, all those years ago, and it’s where all those animals I have seen in countless zoos belong. Seeing them where they are supposed to be would be awesome, even if I probably would have a mild panic attack if I were as close to a giraffe as Sally is in that picture up there. When I saw an alpaca for the first time in Furano, Japan I could barely bring myself to go within 5 feet of it. But what’s travel for if not pushing yourself past boundaries you didn’t even know you had? There are loads of different safaris you can take, and I would love to hear which ones you recommend in the comments below!


Castle District in Prague

Photo by wanderwithlaura.com

Photo credit: Laura @ http://www.wanderwithlaura.com/

I know I said earlier how cities shouldn’t really be on bucket lists but ~experiences~. Well, I feel like Prague will be an experience. I honestly never gave the entire country of the Czech Republic a second thought before I moved to Japan and one of my really good friends had taught there. Blame it on my woeful American ignorance of Europe, or what have you… but really it’s just because I never thought much about most of Europe because ASIA! Then I listened to my friend talk about how fantastic Prague was, and made friends with an amazing Czech girl that I really started to look more into the country and learned that I had to get to the city of Prague and experience all it had to offer. Then I learned about the Castle District (Hradcany). It claims to have the biggest castle in the world. Who wouldn’t want to try and see that? Plus look at this church!!


Sunrise at Bagan

Photo by http://gamintraveler.com/

Photo Credit: Ruben Arribas @ http://gamintraveler.com/

Maybe you’ve never heard of Bagan, maybe you’re unsure if it’s in the country of Burma or Myanmar or… aren’t they the same thing? I am sure that if you are following a few big travel Instagram accounts you have seen the countless photos of hot air balloon floating over a landscape of Asian-looking temples, though. And that’s Bagan! It’s similar to the Mayan site of Tikal in Guatemala. Myanmar (formally Burma) itself is a really interesting country, only breaking free of military rule in the last five years and holding their first general election since 1990 this past November. I’m sure that the majority of people (myself included) know very little about the region other than… you know.. a Burmese python. And even then I bet none of you made the connection with the snake and the country. Why am I talking about snakes? This is a bucket list and snakes (hopefully) have nothing to do with it!


Pet a Galapagos Tortoise

Photo by http://www.zewanderingfrogs.com/

Photo Credit: Patricia Pagenel @ http://www.zewanderingfrogs.com/

Speaking of giant reptiles… Are you even allowed to pet a Galapagos Tortoise? I hope so. I’ll find a way to get to the Galapagos and find out, and even if I’m not allowed to it’s still a gorgeous region filled with unbelievable scenery and Blue-Footed Boobies (:D). If I am going to be taking any island getaway, it’s going to be here! I can lay around a beach any time I want in Florida.


Not the Pyramids in Egypt

Photo by http://www.breathewithus.com/

Photo Credit: Hugo @ http://www.breathewithus.com/

Above is Abu Simbel in the Nubia region of southern Egypt. It’s far away from the huge crowds of the pyramids and equally as awesome. I still really want to see the pyramids more, but for a true bucket list item I want to see the lesser known historian sights of Egypt. I’m sure you’ve read the facts that Cleopatra lived closer to us than she did to the Pyramids of Giza. Egypt’s history is something hard to me to process, and I’m not joking you when I say that you’d be hard pressed to find an Egypt documentary that I haven’t already seen (please, try! I need more!). To  me, there’s so much more to this country than those pyramids. And it is places like these up and down the Nile that I really, really want to visit. All of them. Someone go with me. I’ll battle the scorpions. And maybe by then I can spell “Egypt” correctly the first time.


Carnival of Venice

Photo by http://www.type1traveller.org/

Photo Credit: Lori @ http://www.type1traveller.org/

I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures of Rio during their Carnival. All those brightly colored feathers and headpieces that put a Vegas showgirl to shame and make you wonder how strong your neck really is. The Carnival of Venice is not the same thing. You’ll see a bunch of Venetian masked people in gorgeous, modest gowns and feel like you’ve stepped back in time. At least that’s how I picture it in my head. Like an episode of Doctor Who without the world ending at any moment. I mean, seriously, look at how gorgeous this stuff is!!

Photo by http://www.illbrightback.com/

Photo Credit: Agnese Sabatini @ http://www.illbrightback.com/

 Conquer My Fear of Heights at the Grand Canyon

Photo by Angela Hovis

Photo Credit: Angela Hovis

I learned that I was afraid of heights while riding Dr. Doom’s Fearfall out at Islands of Adventure over ten years ago. It’s like Tower of Terror except completely open and much more intense. Shooting up over Orlando and slowly bouncing down nearly broke me mentally and I shakily collapsed to the floor near tears once we were grounded. Ever since then heights hasn’t really been my thing, which many people point out the irony of given that I’m 6 feet (183cm) tall. I like to conquer my fears and best my anxiety whenever possible, and what more awesome way to do that than making a trip out to the Grand Canyon and letting the awe of nature overpower the stress in my brain? Fight!


Become a Pro at Markets in Marrakesh

Photo by http://www.backpackersguidetothegalaxy.com/

Photo Credit: Backpacker’s Guide to the Galaxy @ http://www.backpackersguidetothegalaxy.com/

Morocco is another country I never really considered highly on my “I must go there now” list. However, another good friend I made in Japan is from Morocco and he and his wife went to Marrakesh this past Spring and I fell in love with their pictures! It looks like such an exciting place to visit, a time capsule of silk roads and newly discovered spices taking Europe by storm. This place has really boomed with travelers in the last year or so, so hopefully it won’t get too overrun by the time I get myself out there!


Actually Touch an Alpaca at Machu Picchu

Photo by http://theworldbeneathmyfeet.com/

Photo Credit: Amber @ http://theworldbeneathmyfeet.com/

I mentioned earlier how my favorite animals are alpacas and how when I first met once I was too afraid to go near it. Well, alpacas spit. And I don’t like spit. I don’t like my spit. I don’t like your spit. And I surely don’t like animal spit. Well, I now regret not just going up and cuddling that alpaca whilst turning its mouth in the opposite direction. So, I want to go to Machu Picchu for round 2. Not only is it an awesome historical sight surrounded by beautiful mountains, it’s covered in ALPACAS.


See How Much Beer I Can Really Drink at Oktoberfest

Photo by http://www.cosmosmariners.com/

Photo Credit: Natalie Vereen-Davis @ http://www.cosmosmariners.com/

I like beer. I like festivals. I like festivals about beer. Maybe you’ve noticed that picture of me off in the right sidebar sitting under a colorful tent holding a huge liter of beer? Yeah. Of course Oktoberfest would be on this list. And I want to push it to the limits. Who’s to the limits? Say me! I’m to the limit. Everybody come on fhqwhgads.

That’s just happened.

Holi in India

Photo by Japnit Sahni

Photo Credit: Japnit Sahni

Holi is an early spring festival held mainly in India and Nepal. It is an important Hindu festival and I would love to experience it in India one day! Throwing powders of neon colors around, enjoying the leaving of winter and coming of spring. A festival of love, birth, and renewal. I would love to learn more about this festival first hand and the Google image search results of this festival just look really, really fun. India March 2017 anyone?

Scuba Dive in Ko Phi Phi

Photo by https://sixyeargapyear.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: Josie Acland @ https://sixyeargapyear.wordpress.com

Ko Phi Phi in Thailand has really exploded all over my Instagram these last couple months and I can see why. I’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, and what better place to do it than with all this gorgeous scenery around you? It’s where The Beach was filmed, which is kind of funny if you think about it. A pristine beach untouched by tourism turned into a huge tourist destination thanks to the movie. Anyway, Maya Bay seems like a great place to relax!

Photo by RoarLoud.net

Photo credit: Cathy Merrifield @ http://roarloud.net/

Those are all twelve of my current bucket list items! Please share with me in the comments any places you’ve been on this list! Also, if you have your own bucket list spots I’ve love to hear about it!


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Super huge thanks to the members of the groups Girls LOVE Travel, Girls vs Globe,  and A Broken Backpack for giving me these photos to use!

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